The View from Jamestown
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A monthly podcast featuring The Chemical Company’s View from Jamestown content, from the eyes of TCC President Robb Roach, GM of Sales AJ Petrarca, LatAm Operations Manager Javier Ferndandez, Marketing Manager Ben Sawicki, and more.

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Episode 030:

September 2019 | The View from Jamestown

The View from Jamestown Podcast The Chemical Company September 2019

Episode 030: September 2019

Robb Roach – TCC President
AJ Petrarca – GM of Sales
Ben Sawicki – Marketing & Sales Specialist

Prior Stand-Out Episodes:

Episode 021:

Nick & Robb Roach | The View, Podcast

Nick & Robb Roach The View from Jamestown Podcast Edition

Episode 021 Notes: Nick & Robb Roach

Nick Roach, Robb Roach

Episode 021 of The Chemical Company’s podcast series includes a discussion with Nick & Robb Roach. Topics include the early days of The Chemical Company, the state of the chemical industry today, and their visions for the future.

Check out the supplemental video version of the conversation via TCC’s YouTube channel below.

Episode 016:

NACD President Eric Byer

NACD President Eric Byer Interview | The View, Podcast Edition - Episode 016

Episode 016: NACD President Eric Byer

Eric Byer, NACD President | Ben Sawicki & Matt Francoeur, TCC

The TCC Team sits down with NACD President Eric Byer to discuss current trends, news and issues throughout the chemical distribution and industry entirely. Click here for more information.

Episode 002:

Perstorp CEO Jon Secher & TCC CEO Nick Roach

Episode 002 Notes: Jan Secher & Nick Roach

The state of the global chemical industry & economy overall
A focus on renewable energy and sustainability today and in the near future
Opportunities and challenges for the industry in the coming months

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